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I've added the shading and 'crossover' circle' (coincident with 'peak everything') to indicate my best guess as to the high probablility zone for global, economic collapse, triggering the onset of TEOTWAWKI.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Arctic: God's Watching

Hunh, SNORT! Who's to say what's 'normal'?
- Climate Change Skeptic who'd just sailed the NW Passage

NASA graphics are a good reference to fight climate change denial. Of course, sometimes you also have to counter willful blindness and or a simple failure of brain to interpret data coming in through eyes.
- Robert Scribbler

The Arctic: Slip-Sliding Away

So I'm talking with this guy off a pretty nice boat of modest size. Seems he was working his way down the west coast of Alaska after his Northwest Passage. Yes, that one. The one that claimed so many lives in their vain attempts to make the traverse across the top of the Americas.

He wasn't a trailblazer, mind you - more of a retired, upper middle management type. Took a couple of months to motor through, with no problems. Had a great trip. Skipping along a now fairly well trodden path.

"Well," says I, glibly, "I guess climate change is good for something."

Notice, I didn't even say global warming. Nevertheless, a sudden chill descended upon our conversation.

"Hmph. If you believe in that sort of thing!"

 "Um... you just completed the fabled Northwest Passage."


"So it's been closed for all of human history. Doesn't its being open suggest that climate patterns are deviating from our epoch's norm?"

"Hunh!", he snorted, "Who's to say what's 'normal'?"

We backed away from one another, each in wary albeit civil retreat. Each of us likely thinking don't try to teach a pig to sing... won't work and it annoys the pig.


Okay. I get that TEOTWAWKI is a stretch for many to swallow. That there might be Limits to Growth. That technology might not ride to the rescue forever.

But to deny that the world's climate is warming?

I mean, we have cameras in space. They take pictures, send them back and we get to see the Northwest Passage, open from one end to the other. And much, much more. This is not a matter of ideology or propaganda. This is not researchers drumming up grant funding.

Who's to say what's normal??

How about Arctic Peoples who have lived along its frozen shores - and even upon its frozen surface - since time out of mind?

Or maybe, by 'normal' he was taking a longer view? MUCH longer? Beyond the tenure of our species?

How does one reconcile a belief that the planet is not warming, with one's personal experience of open, Arctic waters?


The Watchmaker Analogy runs like this:

You are traversing a wilderness, where none have gone before. You notice a strange object, lying on the ground, and you pick it up. It's a watch. It shows the correct time, it's second hand marking the beats of your heart.

Obviously, this is an artifact. It could not have grown here, being inorganic. It could not have sprung, by chance, into spontaneous existence.

We infer a Watchmaker.

By analogy, we - finding ourselves enmeshed in a world of fantastic intricacy - are to infer God.

So, when we look at the melting face of His great Artifact...

Are we to infer His pleasure?


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  2. An interesting new article from The Washington Post on climate change, somewhat dramatically titled, but based on a supposedly ground-breaking new paper by some heavyweights in the field:

    With an appropriate shift in focus, I think it should have been titled: "What Would Non-Idiots Do If There's Even A 50% Chance That The Scientists Are Correct?"

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